Skyrim patch 1.2 causing more problems than it fixes?

The recently released Skyrim patch 1.2 fixes a few of the issues users were having, but creates a few bigger ones.

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Pintheshadows2970d ago

It crashes a lot more now. Mainly on fast travelling.

lastdual2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

360 patch was released today. Do NOT download it.

Always check the forums first:

Erased magic/poison/disease resistance, backwards flying dragons, more freezing and crashes....The latest patch does more to break the game than fix it.

lashes2ashes2970d ago

im having crashes on ps3 really bad now. im 102 hours in and had 2 crashes since the day it came out. since the patch it crashed 4 times

Pintheshadows2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Same here. I had one freeze in 112 hours. I've now had about 8 in 4 hours. Also I never really experienced the framerate issue before the patch but 1 in every 4 times I play it now it's unbearable. Also the Forsworn no longer attack me and I get a bounty if I kill them.

I was wondering why I contracted a diesease as well. This explains a lot.

It also explains why my enchanted items do nothing and I can kill flame atronachs with fireballs.

Benor is dead because of this patch.

Clayman2970d ago

At least it fixed the texture problem on the 360.

GT_Ken2970d ago

But at what cost? I could avoid the texture problem by simply playing from disc. The new problems can't be avoided if patched.

Perjoss2970d ago

let this be a lesson to any publishers that put pressure on devs to release early, you cant hurry love.

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