Is gaming becoming stagnant?

Gaming seems to be stagnating somewhat in terms of AAA games. Is this due to advertising, or is the gaming world really in need of something new?

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T9002971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

I think this should be seen on a case to case basis. Here is how i think it goes:

FPS: This is becoming very stagnant, with most games trying to be another COD, which really isnt working for them this year alone we had Crysis 2, Homefront and some other trying to be COD. This is just stagnating the genre not bringing anything new to the table. I think BF3 did something different, Personally i have gone back to playing TF2 i think its the most fun to play FPS game out there.

TPS: I think asides Uncharted, there really isnt much happening here. Sure you have Gears, but i think its getting kinda old.

RTS: This one is probably the least milked genre out there, The best games of the past year must have been Shogun 2 and Starcraft 2. Though yea nothing revolutionary is happening here either. The older games like Warcraft 3 are still hell lot of fun to play even after so many years.

Racing: We had great titles this generation Grid, GT5, Dirt series. Though i feel companies like EA arent brining anything new to the table just milking their franchises to the ground.

MMO: Alot happening here, though we need to wait to see what the next generations of MMOs will bring. I think this is probably one of the most progressive genres out there.

RPG: While many games in this genre have been dumbed down just to cater to a wider audience, i think we had some great games here Skyrim, Witcher 2, Dragon age origins etc.

Sports: This is pretty much stagnant, no need to comment here, all we get every year is a roaster update to the same game.

Fighting: Nothing progressive here either, its the same old same old.

fei-hung2971d ago

Problem is not about being stagnant, it is about who is going to support something new?

FPS - remember a game called XIII on the ps2? very different style of fps but it bombed because it wasn't the norm.

Sports - Remember The FIght: Lights Out? The best fighting game I have played in a long time and I still play it. The reviewers bashed in unfairly and no one bought it.

Racing - Split Second brought something new as did Motorstorm, neither did well.

TPS - GeoW started it, Uncharted brought in the difference and Starhawk will expand on it from what I've seen in videos.

RTS - would be awesome if we could see something being done with the Move and Kinect with voice commands and Move precision marking and drawing.

Then we have had games like: Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, LBP 1 and 2, Flower, soon to be released Journey, Shadow Complex, Lair (although not the best of games it did bring something different to the usual games), Cathrine, The Shoot (Move controls were awesome, especially how to activate special moves), Eye Pet, Eye of Judgement, Portal, Borderlands (console rpg fps), Demon Souls and many more.

So yes, I don't think it is about the game industry being stagnant, it is about whether gamers will support new games and new concepts to stop the industry having to become stagnant.

hiredhelp2971d ago

intresting read fei-hung, I can somewhat agree too. But what i keep hearing and do not agree with is some people beleaving that all devs are taken the same route call of duty. That is dam right ignorant and untruthfull.
many good games were out beleave it or not call of duty brought in one thing only that made it differnt PERK'S. THATS IT!
And from that i can honistly tell you alot of games havent copyed call of duty style.

actually if you think hard about it perks actually has been done just not in that way and not using that name.
We called it POWER-UP'S or PICK UP'S

_Aarix_2971d ago

Wtf! Gears is not getting old. Not in the least.

Also I am disappointed in the lack of jrpg. One reason for getting a Xbox Is due to lost odyssey and blue dragon and ff13 was headin forwards it as well.

caseh2971d ago

It doesn't help matters with DLC either, how does a dev decide whats going to be withheld from the final release? That content if added with the final release could be a make or break decision.

Look at RE5, DLC added extra game modes...something i've not played as I didn't purchase it. I can see why content should be added to games as DLC but in some cases with holding this from the outset can ruin the scope of a released game at the expense of the publishers and devs rinsing the game for all its worth.

WiIIiam2971d ago

I think things are getting stagnant because of end-of-generation fatigue. There really isn't much more that can be accomplished with current console hardware. Sure, developers like Naughty Dog and Epic may be able to squeeze some extra juice from the PS3 and 360, but the actual design of their games, what matters most, is being limited by five and six year old technology.

The reason why gamers kind of feel like they're playing the same games over and over again is because they are- it's time for a new generation with new experiences.

_Aarix_2971d ago

Developers just need to push more creative gameplay. Most games just use the same mechanics and a lot of fps try to copy cod. Th lack of hardware isn't the problem , it's the lack of Imigination.

WiIIiam2971d ago

This generation has given us games like Bioshock, Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, Gears of War, Skyrim, and Portal. While many of these games are built on design tropes from the last generation, including sandbox worlds and cover-based shooting, this generation's hardware has allowed the developers to use their imaginations and take these old designs to new places.

Simply put, these experiences just weren't possible with old tech. When developers get new hardware, they'll be able to realize their creativity once more.

LightofDarkness2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Aye, 'twas the same last generation towards the end. Once we get some new hardware (maybe new interfaces) with substantially greater horsepower, we might start seeing the genres begin to evolve again.

We'll never get The Elder Scrolls: Tamriel on an Xbox 360, that's for sure :p

@Aarix: new hardware and capabilities are some of the things that tend to spark the imaginations of the developers/designers more than anything else. Getting them to imagine new possibilities with stunning tech demos (like the Samaritan demo) and explaining how much more depth and detail is achievable can unlock certain ideas and projects that they'd previouisly written off as "unfeasible" because of hardware limitations.

Coach_McGuirk2971d ago

it's from a combination of things: 1. Players' reluctance to try something new, and 2. developers taking the conservative route for the sake of $$ ("accessibility")

Tenkay232971d ago

The problems is games cost so much to make now. Most hd titles cost minimum $10 million to make. Small to medium sized developers wont take risks on something creative because if it doesn't sell they willl go bankrupt. It's easier to make an fps and add a little different feature but make it like COD or battlefield, because you know it will sell reasonably well.

2 wii games that were third party exclusive, MadWorld, and Zack & Wiki had amazing Art styles and motion controlled gameplay. They were both challenging and fun. They sold less than 500k worldwide. Meanwhile, a shitty port of call of duty world at war on the wii sold over a million Wtf?

The point is its not the 90's and early 2000's anymore, where a developer can take risks and won't lose too much money if it flops. The HD era is essentially killing creativity.

smashcrashbash2971d ago

Yes. New IPs get mostly ignored and rejected and people cling to everything else like a security blanket. Soon no one isn't even going to bother to try. Why make anything new when you know everyone will buy the same overmilked series every time and ignore all your efforts to try and think outside the box?