Final Fantasy XIII-2: remaking FF7, Kinect RPGs and killing the "girly" feel

Square Enix talks us through its second "proper" Final Fantasy sequel

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TheBlackMask2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Wow Square is really full of crap these days

It will be like FF13 with MINOR improvments except Square is trying to make out like these MINOR improvments are MAJOR improvments..........when they aren't. Why would they waste time and resources on a game they built up from left over content they didn't want to go to waste when the whole point of this rushed sequel (for Square who like to take there's rushed) is to make as much money it can after the disapointing reception of FF13 and the disapointing launch of FF14.

All there trying to do is earn back the money they lost and if anyone who played FF13 and didn't like it are going to fall into their little trap then shame on you. I understand FF13 lovers buying this game because...well they already love it but not the people who were dissapointed with the first one. Just don't be fooled again this isn't for you it's for the audience (FF13 lovers) Squares already got.

Oh and all.....killing the girly feel

That picture, or any picture of FF13-2....(hell Hope himself) is not doing that statement any justice lol

rabidpancakeburglar2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

You said for square who like to take their time it's rushed but considering that they already have the engine from XIII to work on as well as some characters and a starting point on the story from the end of XIII, I wouldn't call 2 years (from the Japanese release dates) rushed.

Misterhbk2970d ago

I hope your not suggesting that SE lost money on FFXIII because the game sold 5+ million copies. They certainly made money on that game. Now if you just meant losses in general then okay.

zeal0us2970d ago

Remaking FF7 would take long seeing as it would just be some simple HD remake like some that are releasing right now. SE would have to start from scratch. I love FF7 to death but I think its time for some if not all of us to move on past the remake of it.
"Do you need Sony's permission to remake PlayStation-era Final Fantasies for Xbox 360?" Can some dumbdown their answer b/c im still confused. Is it a yes or no?

Trainz2970d ago

Final fantasy 13 is so gay its hilarious.
Everyone is full of oestrogen.

Kagami2970d ago

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me !

Venjense2970d ago

Needs new characters, I'm tired as playing as skinny girls against villains that aren't even that villainous.

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