GNVR's Top 10 Hottest Game Character Babes

Check out GNVR's Top 10 most attractive game characters to be ever made.

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zeal0us3583d ago

Trish could murk all of them any day of the week

CrimsonEngage3583d ago

Do we really need a top 10 hottest list every week? Don't get me wrong, I love the titties but this is not news.

Trainz3583d ago

Blowjob girl from gay Tony.

lifesanrpg3583d ago

I'm disappointed that Catherine did not make the cut :(

c1oudy3583d ago

Hmm ...what about Katherine?

C_Menz3583d ago

I guess whoever made the list never played The Witcher 2? Triss Merigold is better than all of those on the list.


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