IL-2: Sturmovik, Birds of Prey Value Bin Review | GoozerNation

The Publisher of GoozerNation recently had the opportunity to play IL-2 Sturmovik, not because he wanted to, but because his 5-year old son accidentally purchased the game for him through XBL. And because of Microsoft's draconian law of No Refunds, he settled in to play the combat flight simulator that released a little over two years ago. As a result, he was pleasantly surprised at how fun, yet frustrating, this value bin game could be.

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puffkix2972d ago

Sounds like an OK accidental purchase... but I don't think I'd drop $20 on it.

JimmyJames702972d ago

Probably best for a Goozex trade.

kube002972d ago

Sounds like it worked out