Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Sells Less Than 30k Out Of The Gate In NA

Capcom’s bargain priced update to the successful Marvel vs Capcom 3 doesn’t appear to be performing as well as its predecessor.

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Mike_Tha_Hero2982d ago

That's because most people got this game earlier in the year already. Why buy it twice?

T9002982d ago

Well people keep rebuying COD, Capcom thought they'd get on the bandwagon lol.

PSX992982d ago

Are you that dense? Cod is still a different game.umvc3 is a rerelease.

Vgameman2982d ago

To be quite honest, MW3 is a 60 dollar map pack.

Nothing really has changed at all.

Tanir2982d ago

lol T900

while it is true, MVC just came out this year, they coulda just delayed it and released UMVC and we woulda been good.

now PSX99

like Vgameman says, MW1-2-3 are all just map packs honestly. and MW3 was the worst map pack out of all of them

T9002982d ago


Lol maybe capcom decided to take it a notch further, you know release the same game in the same year again haha. I bet if more people would have bought it they would have been like:

"We are on the right track.. bump it to 3 releases a year, along with DLCs" which would have had Activition raising an eyebrow too :P


I personally dont see a difference between MW1 - MW3 its all just new maps.

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user39039992982d ago

I hate it when developers pull this kind of crap. I stop buying crapcom games at launch because eventually they release a new edition of the same game later
I'll wait for the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 game of the year edition.

FEARprototype2982d ago

so should i buy street fight x tekken when it come out or wait?

Graey2982d ago

definitely wait. I give it a week to a month, before people learn that the game has blocked characters already on the disk.

Then of course they will add DLC to unlock them, then further down they will do the above and re release it calling it ulimate with the dlc you just bought and a couple of costumes or something.

Video games are starting to become really sad.

jetlian2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

if you want it yea. Capcom cant whore it like one of their own. Their shouldn't be another MVC3 for a while if it even happens

Edit: even if dlc it would cost 60 bucks. Hell 5 dollars is steep for a single character but better than 7 for robin with 2 challenge rooms

nyobzoo2982d ago

well to be expected considering MW3, Unchrated 3, Skyrim, Skyward Sword were all out the same month

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The story is too old to be commented.