Yes or no, Games console or Entertainment Hub?

Xbox and PS3 are more than just machines capable of playing video games. Do you use the extras or are they avoided at all costs?

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NukaCola3139d ago

I use the hell out of the Netflix app and Hulu Plus app.

I do not like the Facebook App on 360 at all. I have always prefered the iOS versions of it personally. So I will use the Vita most likely. I don't like Facebooking over the PS Browser either. I do like YOUTUBE Apple TV app and would like to see that on console (I thnk 360 is getting it)

I have rented movies and shows off both the Market and PS Store. But never buy music at all. And of course movie watching and listening to music as a hub since I got my systems on the stereo.

Overall: I like the extras and I like that they are there. I think it adds more value and I don't think taking them away or adding them should contribute to a change in price monetarily. The Value of the home console has improved though since adding more apps and socail features. It's really cool to be able to watch movies with friends online. I am interested in seeing what else companies come up with.

fluffydelusions3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Netflix app is good and so is Hulu+ app but to bad Hulu+ sucks. I went with the trial only to find out so many of my shows would only work on web only. Don't give a toss about facebook...canceled that long ago anyway lol.

bunt-custardly3139d ago

Streaming services are a fantastic addition, whether it be Netflix or Sky Player depending on which side of the pond you reside, and with more to follow they keep my box on when the gaming's done.

Social applications need some serious work.

IRetrouk3139d ago

i use most features of the consoles, streaming, downloading, gameing, i like the fact that my consoles do more than just games, yeah it drives up the costs of consoles but to me its worth it.

Alos883139d ago

I play DVDs with them every so often, but that's about it.

KillerPwned3139d ago

Gaming console and media hub together is what works best :)

WildArmed3139d ago

I agree with this guy.

Why limit our products? If my TV can surf the web and allow me to watch Satellite.. more power to it.

Same logic no?

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The story is too old to be commented.