Assassin's Creed to adopt ninjas?

Is the next Assassin's Creed game heading to feudal Japan where Samurai and Ninjas reside? With the recent Square/Ubisoft collaboration, anything is permitted.

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bunt-custardly3140d ago

As long as I can run and jump across rooftops effortlessly we could be going to Sesame Street before all I care.

When I think Assassin's Creed in Japan, I think Shinobi, it could actually make for an interesting change of direction for the series.

Eamon3139d ago

My personal choices are either Victorian England or Feudal Japan. Those two locations would make interesting settings for the next major Assassin's Creed title.

Focus3140d ago

I want a ninja stealth game, is there a good one available?
There is nothing Ninjk about Ninja Gaiden except maybe Ryu's gi (ninja outfit)
If Assassin's Creed 3 can implement a stealth system for these rumoured ninjas then I'm game.

Lord_Sloth3139d ago

If you have a 360 track down Tenchu Z. If you're going to get the PS Vita than get Shinobido 2.

C_Menz3139d ago

I doubt this current story line will head to Japan. It just would not make sense, although it would be cool, since every game has revolved around the Mediterranean/Middle East. For them to suddenly shift the story to Japan(remember we are playing as Desmond's ancestors) would not make sense.

AC3 will take place in Europe/Middle East again, possibly some US settings thrown in. My guess is the French Revolution since it would fit with the story. Rich and wealthy royalty(Templars) trying to hold onto power and suppress the middle/lower class(Assassins).

Once the main story ends in AC3 Ubisoft will make a spin off or create another timeline in a different setting.

kma2k3139d ago

im not really against this, but im more excited about the revolutionary war time set in new york to be honest.

Swiggins3139d ago

I'm hoping for it to take place in the late 17th century, American Revolution, French Revolution.

Think of the Possibilities.

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