Uncharted 3 And What Could Have Been For Heavenly Sword

Millions have played Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception by this point and the critical reception has been overwhelmingly positive. The globetrotting adventures of Nathan Drake have gone from being a popular series for gamers to a major multimedia franchise for Sony that might turn into a movie. The franchise is quite possibly the “face” of PlayStation now and it will help launch the PS Vita. It's been a remarkable and meteoric rise and clearly the credit belongs to Naughty Dog for elevating the franchise to new heights.

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donniebaseball2972d ago

I personally enjoyed Heavenly Sword quite a bit. I definitely think it had potential. Too bad it's likely never getting a sequel.

Trainz2972d ago

Heavenly sword is a game that just doesn't need a sequel.
Sure you could say they should make another story about the heavenly sword but there is really no point.
Heavenly sword mixed vengeance, redemption, hate and sacrifice together to make it one of the early masterpieces this gen.

MaideninBlack2972d ago

While I agree with you I think Heavenly Sword could benefit from a sequel. If not starring Nariko then maybe with another character wielding the sword. The series has huge potential.

It could be as big as God of War and Uncharted by now if Sony tried to make a franchise out of it.

Drekken2972d ago

Its about the sword... not the person wielding it. Stories about the sword have a lot of potential. It just doesn't make sense for a studio not to pick up the sequel.

NukaCola2972d ago

Heavy Rain had such a great story and for a launch title, 1.7million is a great figure.

I think Ninja Theory cried to much and whined about the sales. It really killed it for them as they went multiplat.

Even Enslaved is a good game. Very talented company but work ethis with the PR/Publishing side isn't sat at all.

I hope they get a sequel. I think Santa monica would do the game justice.

Marceles2972d ago

The slander Heavenly Sword received was so unfair it's not even funny. I'm still mad about it

himdeel2972d ago

I agree. The game was a victim of very strong bias against the PS3 and not so much the game itself. It's still to this day a beautiful game and plays well.

It uses all the functionality of the dual shock and it's one of those games that I enjoy going back to on occasion although I hate that final boss battle with a passion.

miyamoto2972d ago

This goes to show the negative effects of the console wars. If Ninja Theory only hanged on a little bit with Sony like another British game developer called Media Molecule they could have succeeded with their exclusive game.

Maybe they gave in to the pressure and bias.
NT sure has became cocky pitting Enslaved to Uncharted 2. And look how they fell!!!

Looks like exclusive titles Uncharted & Mario still sell systems.

NYC_Gamer2972d ago

i felt they gave up on heavenly sword way too early

Sizzon2972d ago

HS 2 would be awesome, enjoyed the first one, despised being kinda short.

JohnCarpenter2972d ago

I'd like to get a Heavenly Sword 3D-patch, as it was done for Enslaved.

forevercloud30002972d ago

Heavenly Sword was my second PS3 title and I thought it was AAA all the way. It was the first game where I was like "WOW! This is the power of Next Gen!". Shortly after there was Uncharted:Drake's Fortune of course. I just would love for the very well written story of HS to continue in some way. Its about the chronicles of the ironically named sword which brings nothing but doom and turmoil to those that are forced to use it. It was unique and inspiring.

Ninja Theory is stupid tho. I don't understand how they can say they didn't make any money on HS when that game stayed at a really high price for like 2.5 years(meaning more $ per game) and it sold like 2million according to VGC. Enslaved, which was a MP game, had to decrease rapidly in price just to even get to half a mill. Mind you HS came out less than a year from PS3's launch with a very tiny install base. You can get Enslaved for like 20bucks now. HS was unjustly discriminated against at the time, heavy MS bias by the general american press that was undeniable.

I used to work at Gamestop around that time and I recommended Heavenly Sword all the time to first time PS3 owners. They always came back very pleased with the only gripe is that it ended. The game was a total gem worth a second look. If NT is too stubborn and bitter to continue it I really hope Sony gives it to another studio. Its truly one of the best new franchises of this gen.

PS. I really hope it continues on with Nariko tho. NT once said that in HS's world "Death is not the end". Nariko also said in the game, the sword was basically a flamboyant and vain god, it needed to be desired/wanted/fawned over. Without that affection it would just rust and decay. Nariko is proof of it's power and what it is capable of. It needed her just as much as she needed it. Just as the sword brought her back to life to prove its own worth it could do it again in it's typical showoffish demeanor.

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