GMRFM Need for Speed: The Run review

Black Box are back to the series and with a killer premise. So how did that work out? GMRFM takes a look.

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BX812982d ago

LMAO! This review is a joke. I just read it and it was so off point. At least tell of the copy you're reviewing. I'm currently playing the 360 version, and I'm half way through with no snags. I can't speak for the online but for a need for speed game, the story is well on part. It's a racing game, I don't know what this article is complaigning about other than he/she wanted an in depth Uncharted 3 story. It's need for speed. You race... you race for time... you race for position and you race against bosses... What is the problem? It's a racing game!

TBM2982d ago

im really enjoying the game so i think take these reveiwers seriously with these low scores.