Modern Warfare 3 Q&A

GameNTrain: There are easy questions to answer, and then… there’s Questions that require an Answer. I’ve received some Questions, and I now present: My Answers (in video form).

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chriski3332979d ago

1.why does the game lag?
2.why do you recycle this game over and over?
3.why dont you make a new engine?
4.why do you milk ppl for over priced crappy DLC?

NuclearDuke2978d ago

1. People have horrible internet (PC hardly ever lags for anyone playing)
2. It sells twenty million plus each year, the question is: why would they stop?
3. Same answer as 2.
4. It is the most sold DLC in the gaming industry, i'll refer to answer 2. & 3.

iMpuTeD2979d ago

this was a waste of 6 mins