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Eurogamer Denmark have played Slightly Mad Studios' finely tuned community co-created racig sim across a range of alpha releases.

The verdict so far? This may easily become one of the greatest racing sims ever.

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StraightPath2978d ago

Forza 4 the greatest sim this gen finally got a competitor? graphics do look really nice.

Dasteru2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

@StraightPath: Dont make me laugh. Forza 4 is a good game but to call it a sim at all let alone the best this gen is laughable. In order to be considered a racing sim, the vehicle handling needs to be realistic, In forza 4 it isnt. The cars have no weight or natural counter motion to them, they float around the track like constant hydro-planing. Throwing a few basic sim elements like vehicle customization and tuning doesn't magically turn an arcade racer into a sim.

Forza 4 also has horrible AI compared to GT5, honestly GT4 has better AI.

dark-hollow2978d ago Show
Series_IIa2978d ago


And you have track experience then do you?

...I thought not.

Dasteru2977d ago

@Series_lla Not professionally no but i have raced at my local track many times. Also even if i hadn't, You don't need to "race" in order to know how a vehicle handles IRL. Clearly you lack the common sense to understand simple physics.

iamgoatman2977d ago


Ok then, what DO you consider a sim? And don't say GT5, because if you consider Forza to be an arcade racer, so is GT5 when compared to the likes of iRacing.

Dasteru2977d ago

@iamgoatman: I agree, iracing is even better but most console gamers haven't heard of it so GT5 was a better comparison to use.

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Sanpaku2977d ago

Physics in Project CARS > iRacing

... and this even with CARS in alpha ^^