A Brief Overview of Console Piracy

In light of frequent attacks on the PC platform due to piracy not making it "viable", DeltaGamer takes a brief look at console piracy throughout the years.

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MultiConsoleGamer3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

I remember the Utopia boot disc. I also remember how DC piracy helped kill the Sega Dreamcast.

"E.T. Go Come"


bozebo3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

Yeah, there is piracy on consoles. But it is far less of a problem than on PC because its a lot easier for your average end-user on PC than it is on consoles. Also consider the fact that there are so many more PCs out there than there are consoles, loads of people who aren't gamers torrent games but wouldn't even buy it anyway if they were unable to pirate it.

(properly) Hacked 360s can boot up in hacked or normal mode. In normal mode, it is an ordinary 360 and MS have no way of detecting that it is hacked. When hacked, XBL can be enabled and the ID of any 360 can be spoofed which would result in somebody else's 360, somewhere else in the world, being banned and the hacked console can just change to another id. That can also be done by manipulating network traffic :(

Interestingly, pirating console games is a lot safer and more reliable than pirating PC games because they tend to work (direct rips of the game, i.e. doesn't have cracks to circumvent DRM etc.) and don't result in a virus infected machine. Also, usually the console version of a multiplat is leaked before the PC version if the PC version is released digital-only because it takes a while for it to be manufactured and distributed whereas digital releases remain locked away until 24 hours before launch (for preload, and generally the DRM can't be cracked for a while after launch).

There is already a LOT of piracy on the DS and PSP (everybody and their aunt seems to pirate DS games). But they make good profits from hardware sales so it isn't too bad for first party developers.

yabhero3146d ago