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LAG - "The Legend of Zelda is one of the most respected franchises in video game history. With Skyward Sword having just been released, it’s the perfect time to figure out where each title stands. That being said, it won’t be considered in this list as it is too fresh in our mind. While there are a few poorly made non-Nintendo Zelda games, they are hardly considered in a Zelda discussion. Those made by Nintendo are often incredibly enjoyable. With Skyward Sword’s release in 2011, it marks 25 years of Zelda game releases. With that said, lets find out where your favourites are placed.

Ranking Basis:
Only one game per ranking. This is clearly an opinionated list, but I would also love to hear your opinion or list in the comments section below. This list is an attempt to put away nostalgia and truly figure out the Zelda games by their actual value and enjoyment level."

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jthamind2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

am i the only one who thought Wind Waker was a bit of a letdown? i'm a huge Zelda fan, but i was kinda disappointed with it. i actually think the visuals were great, i just hated the whole ocean as an overworld part, and finding the maps, too much boring busywork. once inside dungeons, it was great, but everything outside of them was either just average or tiresome.

i think A Link to the Past is either #2 or #1, i can't ever decide between it and OoT. i'd put the original and Twilight Princess higher as well.

Relientk772984d ago

My favorites were Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time

(I havn't played Skyward Sword yet, but will)