CVG - BloodRayne: Betrayal Review

Steering half-vampire Rayne around the pretty hand-drawn worlds is diffi cult. Control inputs feel woolly - she'll regularly ignore your stabs of the A button in favour of standing still to enjoy a bullet to the face - and in a game as willfully difficult as this, you'll find yourself - although frustrated − secretly glad she's dead.

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DeleteThisxx3141d ago

Hating on the game because it's too difficult (Granted, you had other points but this is what you kept coming back to). I'd hate to see how you would review games from the 8/16 bit era.

himdeel3141d ago

He'd never last past the 1st lv in the 8bit16bit era.

Tanir3141d ago

yeah, people this gen are so weak at gaming, saying a game sucks because they suck at the game and it doesn't hold their hand -_-. i enjoyed the game and it wasn't that boss was a little old school cheap tho