WipEout 2048 - Zone Mode Hands-On Gameplay

See zone mode gameplay for the very first time as Nick Silversides from The Average Gamer takes on the Unity Square Zone mode track.

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christoph2032980d ago

fair duse that looks really good..

superadvanced2980d ago

Both the interviewer and the player are mildly retarded.

mayberry2980d ago

I really enjoyed the ps3 wipeout and dlc! I put it in the category of demon's souls/dark souls when talking about new games that have that "old-school" video game, unreal difficulty vibe! Must be rock solid, extremely focused and into this to be good!

CloseSecond2980d ago

Wipeout was an outstanding franchise on PSP as well. I don't however remember the draw distance being disguised like thag though.

badkolo2980d ago

not feeling this at all, looks like a high res ps2 game and yeah the way they disguise the draw distance is annoying