HonestGamers Retrospective // Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Gary Hartley Says: Dreamfall starts off being about one story; Zoë’s search for her lost love which stumbles her headfirst into a dimension-spanning saga. It’s not about one tale; it’s about the intertwining of several. Discovering the secrets hidden within an Azadi tower that is being built to touch the heavens, posing as a janitor and sneaking your way through the WATI-corp. headquarters to try and cease a deep-rooted conspiracy, searching for guidance in the forbidden library of the Dark People: this is when the game shines, when it allows its voice to overwrite some of the less appealing aspects within.

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pr0digyZA2543d ago

Still waiting for the next game, after that ridiculous ending. Great game though.

Temp2543d ago

Agreed. Every few months I try to find new news on the reportedly episodic sequel to Dreamfall. If they let the series end like it did, then Dreamfall would have been better off not existing -- which would be a huge shame.

PSX992543d ago

Game is awesome.The first one as well.

Acquiescence2543d ago

Two of the greatest, most atmospheric games ever made: essential for any adventure game fan. I really hope we'll get a continuation of the saga some day.

BinaryMind2543d ago

Isn't this review already over four years old?

Temp2543d ago

Yes, that's my bad. The site posted a new review for this game, but I linked in the older version. I blame sleepy weekends.