New Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation Scan

New scan from the latest issue of Jump -- Japanese release date is February 23.

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Endless_X2519d ago

updated with a better quality scan ^^

Optical_Matrix2519d ago

Essentially, February release date confirmed for the US and EU then as we usually get UNS games before or at the same time as Japan. Shet. Never expected Kyuubi Chakra mode Naruto. Can't wait for this shit.

RedDead2519d ago

This is weird..May as well make this UNS3

ShoryukenII2519d ago they are making another one after this? I wanted to get this because I thought it was the ultimate version of the Storm series. But now I am not too sure... I'll probably get it anyway since I've already hyped myself up for it. :(

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2519d ago

No, this is not a true sequel. The developers didn't want to make another real sequel until the story progressed further. They base it on the anime and not the manga. NUNS3 will come after this prolly. This is just to tide us over til then but they made a lot of interesting changes to the combat system and to the story mode.

ShoryukenII2519d ago

Damn it. I'll have to get both! >_<

CaptainSheep2519d ago

I hope the boss battle with the Kyuubi is in.. how awesome will that be? o__o