BioShock Infinite: Creating a Monster

IGN writes:

"Irrational's BioShock Infinite is one of the most promising games scheduled for release in 2012. Combining incredibly detailed visuals with interesting gameplay mechanics, the glimpses we've seen so far have been especially impressive, earning Infinite IGN's Best Overall Game award at E3 2011.

We've seen bits and pieces of Songbird, but what is he, exactly? Why is he so obsessed with Elizabeth? Is he a villain? Is Songbird even a he? Irrational Games' co-founder and creative director Ken Levine provides answers."

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MizTv2523d ago

cant wait till this game loved the first one played the hell out of it

Micro_Sony2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Bioshock 2 was ok but it felt more like Bioshok 1.5.

Staying in rapture was a bad idea and not adding any new gameplay mechanics made the game feel like you were playing Bioshok 1 with new levels.

The story and new characters were forgettable and as much as I love the big daddy I did not feel emotionally connect to him and the little sisters - I did not feel like I had to protect them by any means necessary.