When Will Assassin’s Creed Get Old?

John of - "Hasn’t it gotten old by this point? I feel like the story never moves forward because Desmond is perpetually trapped inside of that damn Animus."

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DonaldBeck2571d ago

never, all of there games are great. <3 copernicus conspiracy

japanesedudegirl2571d ago

It very much so has gotten boring.

Tanir2571d ago

the first game by itself got super old super quick, then assassins creed 2 was pretty dang good and they fixed everything, then brother hood was just AC2 with 2 more weapons, then revalations, seems more of the same but i didn't get to try it myself yet

rezzah2570d ago

The story is what the game is about. If you don't like it then that's why it has gotten boring.

Bolts2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

The story is absolute garbage. The pace at which it advance is so slow that I totally forgot what it was all about.

tdogchristy902571d ago

They just need to finish the current story arch in 2012 then either take a break or start something fresh with a new story.

colonel1792571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

^ This

Hopefully by that time the next generation is here and they make a new IP, leaving Assassin's Creed on the side for a while. Maybe even for an entire generation. It's a great franchise, but Ubisoft hurt it by making it a yearly release.

ZombieAssassin2571d ago

That's really my only complaint, it's taken this many games to even get where we are I wanna know how it ends already.

jdktech20102571d ago

I'm still working my way through Revelations (way too many games to play actively right now) but I'm having a blast.

I will say they missed on some new mechanics (bad tower defense) but the story is still aces and I'm enjoying it a lot

Legion2571d ago

It got old half way through the first game for me. Haven't gone back to it yet. I am sure it is a good game but for me... it was more of the same thing as I played through it.

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The story is too old to be commented.