Review: Sonic Generations | DualShockers

Alexa Corriea from reviews the latest Sonic game from SEGA. How does it stack up?

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ThatArtGuy2571d ago

I totally disagree with this review. Calling people that like the game "people hanging on to Sonic's past glory" is insulting. Not only to the players, but to the developers as well, especially considering how polished the levels were. The only thing I wanted out of the game was more. Isn't that what we all want, fun games?


This game is a lot of fun and deserves better recognition.

Gran Touring2571d ago

While I definitely do not agree with the score they gave the game, i will say that the reviewer did bring up some points. Sonic generations doesn't offer anything new at all to the franchise in terms of gameplay, but rather plays on the nostalgia from past games. The re-imagining of favorite zones like chemical plant and city escape are excellent, and it's great that they play similarly to the original levels, but the physics engine of both 2d and 3d stages need a lot of work.

But the game is fun, very fun at that, and is easily the best sonic game since SA2. It's just that, what is the sonic team going to do next year when they actually have to think of something new for sonic? And that's been the problem with the series since it's Dreamcast's outings, is that they can't pick a single direction to take sonic.