Hacked Lobbies Return to Modern Warfare 3 writes, "A few weeks back, you may recall an article we put up about hackers looking to ruin your Modern Warfare 3 experience. Today, we’re bringing you both a report and new video that showcases hacked lobbies have indeed return to Call of Duty."

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Buzz7S2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Umm... that looks sped up.

player theater, now. that will prove it.

stickskills2544d ago

If you remember Modern Warfare 2's hacked lobbies, they had the exact same issues. I JUST played one tonight as well. Wondering if it has to do with this new patch...

Buzz7S2544d ago

By all means, I know MW2 was plagued with such things, but it's just funny that EVERYTHING is sped up in the game. It looks altered to me, that's all.

GodKing13372544d ago

yeah dude we're not doubting you that their back, but the video in the link just looks fake...

malol2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

dont know
it may be sped up
but then again you see him bump into alot of walls so
it could be true
and alot of rubber banding too so IDK

jadenkorri2544d ago

if this is true, last time i ended up in a hacked lobby my stats were reset and lost everything in mw2 along with 2 of my friends, and IW told me they weren't responsible for other peoples online actions. Yes i was stupid enough to get MW3, but now with a paid online service for elite, IW cannot cold shoulder us this time, or at least i hope. Suggestion to all, get in a hacker server just leave, actually hold ps3 logo/xbox logo and quit or pull the power, dont let any stats upload. Found that out after I got reset in mw2.

papashango2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

"IW cannot cold shoulder us this time, or at least i hope. "

the most common things I hear regarding cod.

They need to make it more like cod4...

They are making more like cod4!

Launch will be seamless considering the engine is X years old.

There will be no bugs or glitches because they got that sorted out X years ago

They won't ignore us this time!

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Shackdaddy8362544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I thought it was fake too at first. Look at 1:27. His friend sign is at normal speed. That would be pretty dam hard just to edit in...

banana4202543d ago

nope would take about 2 mins

FlameBaitGod2543d ago

looking at the dots when it says waiting for other players should answer the question if this is altered.

Eiffel2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

The player signing in pretty much debunked the assumption it was sped up. But of course it could be a pre-recorded game sped up, recorded to a video format and played over on the Xbox, while signed in.

gedapeleda2543d ago

They're just on speed...


egidem2543d ago

This was bound to happen anyway. After all, it is pretty much the same game. It just shows that these devs are too lazy to learn from past mistakes and fix them.

Anyway, for the holidays I've been recommending my friends to buy better games like Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, Arkham City etc. instead of Modern Warfare 3.

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GodKing13372544d ago

yeah man I sorry to say this video is fake, but I wouldn't be surprised if the lobbies were back. Proof for this video being fake; no one can react that fast, voices are sped up, and the player running makes no mistakes at that speed.

stickskills2544d ago

There's more than one video included in the article showcasing even more proof. Search for "Modern Warfare 3 hacked lobbies" & see the plethora of forum threads that emerge about it going on.

Craftiii42544d ago

he does make mistakes, also look at 1:27

Buzz7S2544d ago

I will believe it when I watch the match in the players vault. Otherwise, I can say it's fake. Until then, dunno...

csreynolds2544d ago

Fake. This is just sped-up gameplay footage - notice the round timer is running in quad time as well, as are the Killcams countdowns.

DrRobotnik2544d ago

1:27 proves its not. Look at the friend notification in top right corner.

rajman2544d ago

You can just take that out from another video and edit it in, not that hard to do

Whore_Mouth2543d ago

I looked at it, and it has a halo effect around it. Looks super imposed.

DonaldBeck2544d ago

seems people were living ona prayer hoping if wouldent get hacked, then bam!

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