New alternate Costumes for Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

GNVR write: Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 has been out for a week now and Capcom has shown us information about the game which will include DLC. So far there has been no comfirmation about characters being downloadable for UMVC3 but instead costumes for the old characters have been confirmed. The Vanilla Marvel vs Capcom 3 had one DLC costume pack which includes alternate costumes for six characters. Dante, Ryu and Chris for the Capcom side and Captain America, Thor and Ironman for the Marvel side.

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LastDance2613d ago

Oh rad!!!! how much for!?!? what ever they are charging! its not enough!!

maniacmayhem2612d ago

so zero's alt is mega man x, lol. That just confirms that he will not be coming to umvc3.

MizTv2612d ago

i hate this crap put it on the disk and ill buy your game

Ddouble2612d ago

Magneto, Scarlet Spider, She Hulk and the Devil Triggers for Dante and Vergil look very good. Tempting.

kingPoS2611d ago

So long as they charge you for a new move...