Ubisoft Email Reveals New Call of Juarez Is In The Works

"Ubisoft have sent out emails to confirmed owners (via Uplay system) of Call of Juarez: The Cartel in an attempt to understand why the game was so repulsive. The email contains a questionnaire which asks questions about what console gamers own, which of the Call of Juarez titles is their favourite, how they would rate the game and which character they picked.

It even goes as far as confirming that not only is there more to come, but that the team are considering a return of Ray McCall."

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DonaldBeck2519d ago

the best western franchise returns

egidem2518d ago

After playing Red Dead Redemption, I'm inclined to disagree with you.

Laxman2518d ago

Red Dead Redemption/Revolver are pretty good too. As was Gun. A sequel would be amazing. But Bound in Blood was really good, apart from Cartel, these games are fun for wester fans.

Gamer19822518d ago

The last one bombed so hard 2 weeks after release it was a budget title.

hennessey862519d ago

red dead redemption is by far the best western game out there

Pikajew2519d ago

Custards Revenge is by far the best western game

ginsunuva2518d ago

Mass Effect is by far the best western game.

Nitrowolf22518d ago

lol I see what you did there

spektical2518d ago

uncharted is by far the best western game.

WhiteLightning2519d ago

Why waste there time on this. the last one was average at best

MrBeatdown2518d ago

Not sure what happened with The Cartel, but Bound In Blood was pretty damn good. I'd like to see them give it another shot in the classic western setting.

Motorola2518d ago

The Cartel wasn't average, it was TERRIBLE.

aman84r2518d ago

First two were amazing especially first one,especially the first one.The locations were amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.