Call of Juarez Gunslinger Rides Off Into The Digital Sunset

Call of Juarez Gunslinger and Call of Juarez: The Cartel have been pulled from digital storefronts. For one game, it means a disc-only existence. For the other, it means erasure.

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Fluxour866d ago

Gunslinger was an awesome game. Sad to see this happen.

SickSinceSix866d ago

I heard the cartel one was bad. Already have Gunslinger for PS3 but hope I can find a PC copy before they're all gone.

shuvam09866d ago

Holy moly...
I just downloaded Gunslinger last week from PSN...
Guess I'm never gonna delete it...

TechRaptor866d ago

Generally (P.T. is the only exception I really know of) if you've bought it you are fine to download it again as long as the shop is up there. So you can delete it and redownload in the future. No one, however, can buy it from the PSN now.

SickSinceSix866d ago

I can still download the pulled demo of Marvel vs Capcom: Origins from PSN on PS3, as I downloaded it before it was taken off the store. Of course I can't upgrade to the full version anymore though.
Also you can no longer buy the original PS2 port of GTA: San Andreas because it got replaced by that newer version but because I bought the PS2 version I can still download it via PSN on PS3.

Derceto866d ago

Love that digital future.

TheRealTedCruz866d ago

So do I. It's much more convenient. And I still own the games, even when they are removed from the market.

Enigma_2099865d ago

And we rush ever forward to an all digital future! Who's excited?

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