5 Games That I Was Thankful For In 2011

GP Editor, Sean Dimagiba writes, "2011 has been a fantastic year for gaming. There have been some very distinct ups and downs, but in the end it's been a blast. Some titles have soared above greatness while some just didn't make the mark. In all of this gaming goodness, we have to remember what games we appreciated the most. And by this, I don't mean the best game of the year or some other category, but games that meant something special to us or let us feel good to be gamers.

Everyone has different tastes, beliefs, and expectations so if you were to ask every gamer which games they really enjoyed this year, you would possibly get back every game made in 2011! So, to start things off, here's five of the many games that I truly appreciated this year in no particular order."

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NukaCola2523d ago

Deadspace 2 is one of the best games this year. Seemed like it got a bit shadowed over and the crappy MP/Online pass was a hinderance, but the SP of it is 10/10 top knotch best of the bunch and something every hardcore gamer should play. It's got outstanding graphics, great gameplay, awesome puzzles, scary sounds, creepy atmophere, enough action to make Michael Bay cream himself. It's just an all around great game with a great story.

ATi_Elite2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Vindictus = Awesome action MMORPG using the Source engine

Battlefield 3 PC = The King is back!!

Take on Helicopters = I'm learning how to fly helicopters FOR REAL!

The Witcher 2 = My RPG of the year *I haven't played Skyrim yet*

Portal 2 = always thankful to play a Valve game

Minecraft = keeps me from being bored at work

2522d ago