REVIEW: Winter Stars for Kinect -

123KINECT: "I have to add this one to the good category, if it had the multiplayer depth, it would have been right up there with Gunstringer, Dance Central, Forza, etc. primarily because it’s the first “sports” game that is done very well...It really does put Kinect titles on a different level in terms of content, and it made me realize how much content is really lacking in games we all love, such as Kinect Sports."

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EVILDEAD3602520d ago

Salutes 123 Kinect for this one. I had no idea the game existed. I'm buying this to add to my party game collection. Kinect Sports 1 and 2, Motion Sports and Motion Sports Adrenaline, Fruit Ninja, Dance Central 1 and 2..and this to the fray.

I need to look up the release about off the radar.

Still wish 123 wouldve given Ksports 2 more love..that game has been crack in my place with the darts alone.