7 Game Foods That Should Be On Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is a holiday for reflection – a day when we look at life and ruminate on what we’re most appreciative of … all while chowing down on a massive turkey leg. This mix of introspection and gluttony always brings me back to video games and the health system integrated into many of them. We find a random piece of food lying about which we then cram down our protagonist’s maw in a moment of desperation – and, therefore, are thankful that he/she does not keel over … for the time being.

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RaymondM2523d ago

haha great article man, I second the need of nuka cola at thanksgiving!

NukaCola2523d ago

I can agree with this.

I am having Roasted Chocobo. What is N4G eating?

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TopDudeMan2523d ago

Sweetroll from elder scrolls