Skyrim Secrets: Guide On How To Get The Hevnoraak (Dragon Priest Mask)

Pinoytutorial: Here's a guide on how to get the Hevnoraak mask after defeating the dragon priest bearing this item (only a retrospect). Check out its full stats and special immunity on this report.

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Motorola2523d ago

This was a HUGE pain in the ass on expert.

dark-hollow2522d ago

F**k those head titles they always keep spoiling the game!!

SuperSaiyan42523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Since when do people need a guide AFTER beating something? I mean all you do after beating the dragonpriest is loot his body *rolls eyes*

Or does the guide walk me through after the kill on how to walk up to the dead body and which button to press whilst looking over at the dead body and then which button to press to take each item or all this is as funny as the guide for Serious Sam 3!

rdgneoz32522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

If you actually watched the video instead of commenting after reading the description instead of the article / watched the vid, you'd notice he shows the location of the dungeon that the dragon priest is located, side quest involved. Doesn't show the entire walk through of the entire dungeon, but a little helpful. And while many guides are pointless, showing where to go is always nice especially with a world as big as Skyrim's.

alinacorning2522d ago

did you comment here just to troll?


Interesting. I found another one the other day that gives me 30% resistance to ice, fire and electric damage. having that on, plus a ring and amulet has given me about 98% fortification on each of them which is very handy against those ancient dragons.

I think the other forms of dragons are easy, but the Ancient ones are evil and they always show up when I ma just doing a bit of shopping in one of the smaller towns. next thing I know everyone is dead. that kind of forced to finish the main quest so I could get the shouts to deal with them better.

great game though.

WolfLeBlack2522d ago

A nice enough mask, but I don't usually have too much trouble with diseases and poisons, so I think I'll stick to the two I already own. Might have to go and raid the dungeon, though, to get my hands on that staff as I had to give up the one I gained dured the singleplayer and I want another one :D

ZBlacktt2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

I get them and put them in my chest at home. I have gear on me that helps me more. But love these battles. Everyone should know they are not this easy.

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