Famitsu Sucks

"Whenever a Japanese game has a high anticipation level, Western gamers can't wait to cite the high Famitsu score. There's a problem with this, however, and I'll show it to you." -Heath Hindman discusses overworked reviewers, deals with game shops, a slanted scale, 2-sentence reviews, and other problems with a magazine that seemingly everyone puts on a pedestal.

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knifefight4332d ago

B-b-b-but they're in JAPAN!!!! :o

Dante1124332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

LMAO, when gamers got on a couple of review sites about their reviews, the US gaming media went "It's all opinion, respect that. Don't judge they way we review games". Yet here, they're telling the Japanese reviewers that they don't know how to review games and that they're basically incompetent. Gotta love the US.

Edit: @ Capt

So true. No one questions US journalists/reviewers when they pick CoD as the best FPS or even GOTY each year claiming "innovation" (*cough* GT *cough*).

imoutofthecontest4332d ago

The article does a pretty good job of describing why Famitsu is a special case though. The described review conditions are crazy =/

decimalator4332d ago

I am going to move to Japan and start a business where I shit on a plate and sell said shit-plates for $60 each. You might want to start buying stock.... now.

Criminal4332d ago

The N4G reports' screencap is priceless.
Good read.

Pozzle4332d ago

Eh. I don't think anybody takes Famitsu that seriously tbh. It's just interesting seeing what review scores are given to games from a Japanese perspective. And since Famitsu is the most popular gaming mag in Japan, that's the one everyone pays attention to.

Capt-FuzzyPants4332d ago

I actually respect Famitsu. There one of the only reviewers I trust. They gave FF12 and 13 good scores because they ARE GOOD games. The only reason that I think a lot of people hate them is because they weren't like a regular FF's. So they actually don't just give a game a good score because of the title. It usually does for most other websites or magazines though. They are the most fair reviewers imo. But I can see how some people don't like them because they review some of those really obscure games that only the Japs like.

knifefight4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

What have they said in reviews that you have agreed with?

Not sure how one "disagrees" with a question, but OK.

No I'm honestly curious for a discussion here. Please let me know what sorts of views their reviewers have shared that have really struck a chord with you.

(Side: Props for FF12 love -- I'm with ya there ^^.)

Capt-FuzzyPants4332d ago

Tbh I don't really agree with any reviewers. Each reviewer has his or her bias. I don't always agree with Famitsu, but I like there scoring system and when they give a high score to a game I usually like that game. The games Famitsu likes I like. I guess I like japanese games.

To me game reviews are broken. If you look at movie reviews not a lot of movies get perfect scores. Yet when you look at games, anything remotelly enjoyable gets a 100%. Say CoD gets a 10 of 10 and then a game like Uncharted gets a 10 of 10. In my eyes that means they are both as good as the other. There is something wrong there. CoD is in no way even close to being as good as games like Uncharted, FF's, or a lot of games. The whole system is broken.

Btw I'm actually not that 1 disagree if you thought it was me.

knifefight4332d ago

Well said.
I didn't know if you'd read some or what, from the comment and am always looking for in-depth discussion on the matter.

I'm right there with you on game reviews in general. There are a lot of reasons they've gone downhill in recent years. This Mega64 video speaks volumes:

It's funny, because it's all too true.

specialguest4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

You have got to be joking. They gave FF13 a 39/40, a near perfect score. FF12 got a 40/40 and FFX got a 39/40. You're telling me that FF13 is top 3 best FF game of all time? That's insane. There's a big difference between as you stated "ARE GOOD games" and near perfect games.

In addition, Hirokazu Hamamura, the former Famitsu editor-in-chief, is the current president of Enterbrain, the company that publishes Famitsu. He also appears in an ad campaign for Peace Walker from the game's publisher, Konami. A two-page spread. And he's even on a Konami Peace Walker website.

They gave Peace Walker a perfect 40/40. There's something terribly fishy going on there, like the score could potentially be bought.

Inception4332d ago

But, i think Peace Walker deserved that score. It had a lot's of variety and i had a blast with it. One of the most fun MGS i played in recent years (even topping MGS 4, for me).