FFXIII-2: The Sequel No One Wanted

Before Final Fantasy XIII came out, Final Fantasy fans and fanatics lit up internet forums with some of the worst vitriol ever seen for a game that wasn’t even out yet. Many life long fans of the series swore off the game due to changes they did not like. Some were even mad that it had gone multi-platform. After its’ release, once again forums lit up with major hate & discontent. XIII had it fanbase, like myself. Many of its’ supporters were the very people it was aimed at: the FPS and Action games. Square-Enix had it’s influx of new gamers, but at what cost...

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360ICE2616d ago

I want it.
I'm a nobody :(

scotchmouth2616d ago

Yeah. The title is flawed. Just about every ff fan that complained about the last title showed a little delight when square started taking some feedback and complaints into consideration.

To say that its something no one wanted is off the mark and toes the line of ignorance.

Eamon2616d ago

Well it's something that ff13 fans would want and that makes up a minority of core FF fans so your comment scotchmouth is invalid.

Biggest2616d ago

His comment is not at all invalid. People complained about certain things. SE addressed those complaints and made a game they believe solves some or most of those problems. People that play RPGs in general should be looking forward to the changes they claimed they wanted. Only people that love to hate for the sake of hate would ignore a game that is made with their own complaints being fixed.

scotchmouth2616d ago


13-2 isnt something that is being made to exclusively cater to 13 fans. The improvements came from listening to complaints from people that didn't like various aspects of 13 or overall didn't like the game.

The intention behind the changes are to make this a game that older fans may want aswell. To cater to a fanbase that fell off after 13 launched.

Its not at all limited to just fans here as you seem to imply hopefully it something others would want and hopefully square learns from previous mistakes and gets back to catering and listening to fans.

A real fan of the series will not only play all of them, get involved in the story, but desire to see ff return to its roots and be successful.

_Aarix_2616d ago

People just need to stop comparing it to other ff's. It's a good jrpg on its own, not near as good as lost odyssey but good none the less and I'll be enjoying ff13-2

kreate2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

its a game some ppl might want but no one really asked for it.

according to speculation, square is recycling cut content from 13.

gamers asked for kingdom hearts 3 and ff versus 13.
where is it?

instead ... we get ff 13-2

360ICE2615d ago

No one asked for Agent either but people want it now. It wasn't really imaginable with an FFXIII-2 but now that people know of it people like it.

Run_bare2616d ago

I still have hope for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. I hope it come out next year.

iChii2616d ago

Eh..I lost hope for Final Fantasy after I finished Final Fantasy XIII..

BitbyDeath2616d ago

I don't.
With the amount of time they are taking with it i am expecting them to announce a 360 version which will once again cut the PS3 down to the mediocrity we saw in XIII.

TopDudeMan2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Not interested in XIII-2. XIII had the perfect ending and I want nothing to do with that world again. They need to know when to call it quits.

Hicken2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

It was perfect when half the story was missing?

I want this sequel. If only because I know that this game should have been part of the original in the first place.

One of the things I hate about people's complaints for XIII is that they don't seem to understand just how nicely all these things fit into the story. I've said it from the start: you SHOULDN'T be exploring when you're on the run, you SHOULDN'T be just talking to people when you're considered a threat by the entire (small, though it may be) world you live in. If you're being chased and people are actively trying to eliminate you, there's ZERO logical reason why you should be starting up conversations with strangers and backtracking to places you've already escaped from with no good reason.

Edit: I didn't particularly have a problem with it. Like with Xenosaga, Ep III, though, I was bothered by the fact that here should have been more. Both games end just fine on their own, but KNOWING that there should have been more made it less satisfying. It'd have been a different story if XIII-2 was just a cash grab (though some seem to believe this, anyway), but since this was all supposed to be playable in the first place, I can't help but want it, and thus not be quite happy with having ONLY XIII.

TopDudeMan2616d ago

I liked the story and those make perfect sense. You had a problem with the ending? I thought it was fine. This sequel just seems like it's tacked on.

Infernostew2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

I don't think FF13 warranted a sequel. Although I wasn't a fan of the story the ending was enough closure for me. I wouldn't say it was the sequel nobody wanted but more of the sequel that nobody asked for.

Ddouble2616d ago

If there wasn't a sequel it would have been fine by me but i'm still getting this day 1.

For a game that had 2 great worlds, Pulse and Cocoon, the lack of exploration just left me wanting more.

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