Barrel Roll Podcast #142 – “Innerspace: The Game” | writes, "While all the news is taken up by Black Friday Sales talk (which we skip), there are some new releases of note that we go over. We also take a good chunk of time talking about Rockman EXE: Phantom of Network and the Mega Man Battle Network games in general. Adam has also played through the 3D Classics version of Kirby’s Adventure and gives us his thoughts on the slight update to the NES classic.

Jonah has still been sucked into the world of Skyrim, but peeked his head out long enough to bust some caps in Saints Row The Third. It turns out the secret to its success? Infinite parachutes. That sounds kind of familiar…

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Jesse completed Super Mario 3D Land‘s main worlds and moved onto the much harder bonus worlds. He also played more on Ace Combat for Babies, or Ace Combat: Assault Horizon as it is better known. There was also some Uncharted 3 punch-time explosions involved."

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