Is Skyrim An Offline MMO?

360 Magazine: How Bethesda Softworks has turned TES V: Skyrim into an MMORPG.

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NukaCola2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

Is Skyrim An Offline MMO?

It's not. It's a massive open world rpg. It doesnt replicate like .HACK titles did where it simulated an MMO or Phantasy Star Online could do. But I see a little bit of the articles point. It's freaking massive.

xPhearR3dx2573d ago

They're referring to the hours put into MMO's that console gamers despise. Not replicating an MMO. They say that in the first few sentences of the article...

fluffydelusions2573d ago

This is a dumb question. If it's an offline game then obviously it's not an MMO. Call it what it is, an open world RPG.

DaveX3602573d ago

Surely it's a Massively Single-Player Role Playing Game.


I've patented that, by the way.

Sprudling2573d ago

At least the quests are very MMO-like: Deliver something, kill something or talk to someone. Infact, the quests in World of Warcraft (after the Cataclysm) are overall much more varied and interesting than those in Skyrim.

Dailynch2573d ago

Yes! No! Maybe! Does it matter!? Why must I shout!?

Biglet2573d ago

Can't think why you're only allowed one comment.

Harelgur2573d ago

Its a stat-heavy adventure game.

theonlylolking2573d ago

I dont think the know what MMO stands for. Just like the people who think anything in first person is instantly a FPS. Even when it does not have any shooting in it.

Biglet2573d ago

I don't think the(onlylolking) knows how to click through to read the article.

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The story is too old to be commented.