Splinter Cell HD Collection Receives ‘Inverted Aim’ Patch

If you’re one of the gamers out there that think up means down and down means up, you may be happy to hear that the Splinter Cell HD Collection on PS3 has received a patch that now allows for an inverted aiming option.

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akaFullMetal4137d ago

Awesome, when i heard that this game didn't have inverted controls, it made me wait til they patched it. Guess what im getting now........... haha

Yi-Long4137d ago

... I wish they'd also patch Beyond Good and Evil's controls, and Capcom would patch Resi Evil 4's controls.

ironfist924137d ago

Wait. I just bought RESI 4 HD on PSN. Are you telling me it doesnt have Inverted?!

BAH! Just like with BG&E! I bought it before trialling it or checking whether it has inversion (it does, but it inverts both X and Y axis...WTF?)

4137d ago