Tony Hawks Project 8: Online for 360, Not for PS3.

Tony Hawk's Project 8 is built with full online capabilities for Xbox 360, including support of Live, classic two-player challenges, a new game called Walls (which plays like Snake or Tron), and up to eight-player online games. But Project 8 is not online for PlayStation 3. Only within the last three weeks has Neversoft received its PS3 beta kits, a black horizontal box about one foot wide by two feet long and two inches deep, with a slew of buttons and dials on its front deck. Neversoft is confident the PS3 version of the game will ship at launch in November, but it still hasn't received all of the software libraries and has no indication of how the online components will work on PS3, so it's not offering them.

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andy capps5855d ago

That's stupid. I don't understand why they're just now getting their beta kits, why not at least delay it a few months to get the online components in there, or add the components later since all PS3s will come with harddrives. Big lame from me. The game looks sweet though.

Balance5855d ago

probably because like us they know nothing about the ps3 online componant. obviously they have alot of online pieces built (ie 360 version). delay= lost money. blame the bean counters for them not waiting.

Boink5855d ago

job well done sony.

FYI they were so late receiving their dev kits, cause sony is running out of them:)

jiggajayp5855d ago

Just another reason NOT to buy a ps3!

PS360WII5855d ago

Didn't Sony hand out 1000 dev kits or something? I thought I read that somewhere. Anyways they can't delay this game for sony just for the fact that it would be yet another delay for the ps3 and they don't want that. Plus come on it's a skateboarding game why is online for this such a deal or no deal thing? Answer it's not

shotty5855d ago

Online is huge, if you have ever played an xbox 360 game you will know. Once single player is done, there is nothing else to do with the game unless it has online. If Halo 2 didn't have online, it wouldn't be as popular.

PS3n3605855d ago

i am a 360 head but I have to agree with you that online for this game is uneccessary. skateboarding is a solo sport so why should the game be anything else its not football. The only concern for PS3 Heads is how many other developers are thinking the same thing as Neversoft. I have to say all this negative news is actually making me want a PS3 now cause I am just damn curious how they are gonna pull all this off. Its gonna be a hobby itself tracking down patches and downloading updates. It will be the gift that keeps on giving.

jiggajayp5855d ago

You Must Be A Deprived Of Online ps2/ps3 Fan!

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The story is too old to be commented.