PlayStation Store Update - November 22nd, 2011

US PlayStation Blog - Grace Chen // Director, PlayStation Store writes:

"Hi Everyone -
As the Fall season continues, what better way to celebrate than to stock up on some great PSN games! The Fall Sale goes for 1 week starting today and is offering some great discounts on amazing titles for the entire PSN audience."

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SPARDA_4262521d ago

This was a pretty good update, cant wait to see what comes out in the next few weeks.

egidem2520d ago

Another fantastic reason as to why I love PS+. I wonder why Xbox Live costs me more and isn't even giving me my money's worth. Paying to just play online doesn't cut it.

HeavenlySnipes2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

What if we just buy the pass for SR3? We we get SR2 for just doing that even if wee don't have SR3?

EDIT: Outland for $5 for PS+! That's a deal

Inception2521d ago

Gonna get Cladun and Corpse Party. Great update btw.

GirlsGeneration2521d ago

Nice lots of stuff this week.

guitarded772520d ago

Got 5 games off the fall sale... good deals.