Easy, Normal or Hard

Laura of - "It’s the first decision you make when you load up a new title, and arguably an element of gaming which differentiates the men from the boys. Whichever one you choose will affect your entire experience; but, perhaps more importantly (not really, but whatever), it will most definitely alter your reputation amongst other gamers."

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Dark_Overlord2614d ago

Hardest if available (some games lock it till after you complete the game once), mainly due to most games these days being so insanely easy.

Killzone 2 is the only game that I've played in recent years that elite difficulty definitely meant elite :)

Captain Qwark 92614d ago

really? have you played ninja gaiden 2 on mentor or master ninja? i bet you 100 dollars that ninja gaiden 2 on either one of those is 10x harder than killzone far the hardest game this generation.....

and no dark souls doesnt even rank on this list, its challenging but not nearly as hard as its reputation makes it out to be.

Dark_Overlord2614d ago

Nah I haven't played NGS2, I don't doubt thats its harder, note I did say 'that I've played' :)

NGS2 is on my to do list :)

jthamind2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

i've beaten Ninja Gaiden 2 and NGS2 on every difficulty multiple times, and i can say that overall on Mentor/MNM, they blow KZ2 on Elite out of the water as far as difficulty. it's night and day. KZ2 was rough at times, but manageable. NG2/NGS2 made you develop a skill set to excel.

Captain Qwark 92614d ago

@DARK_OVERLORD, thats why i asked if you played it, and good luck if you do. great game with a nice difficulty curve on warrior, fml on anything above


kudos to you, you are a better man than i. that game destroyed me on mentor....

Berserk2614d ago

I really don't think Ninja Gaiden 2 is hard as people say, since apparently every single person that's played the game on this site, has finished the "toughest" difficulty.

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NukaCola2614d ago

Killzone 2 on Elite was a freaking nightmare and I loved it. Realistic as any game could be. You felt like it was a real firefight and not in a BS way like [email protected] and a Nazi who throws 9 grenades at once or if you proceed to far without killing everyone, you automatically blow up. Killzone 2 was intense as all hell. KIllzone 3 is rough to but honestly the Move really makes it a lot easier. Accurate to a perfect "T".

Dark_Overlord2614d ago

I agree, COD on Veteran just seems to kill you in really 'cheap' ways (nade spam, know exactly where you are etc). KZ2 never felt cheap at all, if I died, I know it was my fault :)

NYC_Gamer2614d ago

i like to play my games on the hardest difficulty

lorianguy2614d ago

The hardest difficulty, so I don't need to do it again.

For example, I'll do CoD on VEteran so I don't need to re-do it for the trophies and can jump straight online.

D3mons0ul2614d ago

Normal/default and work my way up. If it's a game that I'm really only playing for the story I don't see a reason to boost the difficulty.

blackburn102614d ago

I never play a game on easy any more. I say to myself 'what's the point?'and play normal.Not to sound egotistical or anything but I have been playing games way to long to play on easy for any reason.

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The story is too old to be commented.