WGTC: Puss in Boots: The Video Game Review

A detailed and informative review of Puss in Boots for Kinect.

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pedo_across-the-road2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Snuggle! Snuggle!! Snuggle!!! Snuggle!!!!

SockeyBoy2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Oh god i can't stand Ray William, his new episodes are freaking horrible, how is he popular?

OT: Nice review

Cosmit2522d ago

Yeah I agree. He is horrible now. He switched up his style way to much. I used to be eager and always waiting for his next episode. But like a couple months ago I realized how bad he got. Then slowly stopped caring about them. Every now and then(rarely) I watch like one episode. But I can never finish them.

I think he got way too cocky and he thinks he can act and say anything he wants with no consequences. Compared to his old videos, how should I put too mean spirited and comes off as a total jerk now.

Wick2522d ago

Thanks for the kind words.