John Spinale is No Longer with OnLive

John Spinale is No Longer with OnLive. He has been hired by Disney Interactive.

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darthv722706d ago

opportunity for MS or sony to acquire them and the idea of full streaming games. Im leaning towards MS then again, Sony has been working on similar tech and could jump at the chance as well.

WhiteLightning2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Good move...because Onlive will crash and burn when next gen is announced and starts to get closer.

darthv722706d ago

Im not to sure about where the future is heading but the idea of cloud gaming has peaked the curiosity of the big 3 lately.

One of them could incorporate what onlive has done right and given themselves a jumpstart on cloud gaming for consoles and portables.

DA_SHREDDER2706d ago

Cloud gaming in inevitable. Whether the big 3 pick up the tech is an unknown factor. The microconsole has been bundled for free with big titles such as Dues Ex and Saints Row 3, I mean, you can't really go wrong with a free microconsole, or better yet, get to try out full versions of games instantly on any crappy pc, even my 1 ghz laptop can these AAA titles. So ya, its here to stay, regardless of what the vocal minority thinks.