New Handheld Game Console Announced: The GameGadget

BNR: Well, it looks like there's a mysterious new contender on the field of handheld gaming: the GameGadget. Set to launch January 2011, there's really not much information about it aside from a single press release- one that I managed to get my hands on!

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Lol..R.I.P before you even come out. U want to play with the big boys AKA PSP2 and the 3DS..Good luck going against Uncharted on PSP2.

Jourdy2882703d ago

I don't think they're aiming that high... It's too late in the game for that and the company just isn't big enough to take on the Vita/3DS.
What they DO seem to be aiming for, however, is the niche market of retrogamers. Will it succeed? Time shall tell.

Jourdy2882703d ago

'Fraid not. I don't think it's very well named =/

Jourdy2882703d ago

The GameGadget. The ill-named cousin of the Dingoo. I really wish there was more info on it... It looks like it has potential (though changing the name is really advisable).

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