Xbox 360 Silent Update to Fight Piracy

Botchweed: "In a recent silent update the team at Microsoft has updated the Xbox 360 to help further prevent piracy on their leading console. The new update changed DAE.bin which works in conjunction with AP 2.5 disc protection."

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redd0r2522d ago

Not massively keen on it being a silent update, but oh well.

waltyftm2522d ago

I think it's a great idea, sneaky tactics are needed when thieving gits are involved.

darthv722522d ago

when MS releases it but you can sure bet it gets loud when the pirates systems dont work right anymore.

rezzah2522d ago

That doesn't make sense.

If English isn't your first language I apologize.

It is good news to know that MS is not backing down in the fight. It is not like they could do much last gen, so why hold back this gen?

Focus2522d ago

So glad that they don't make a fuss about these security updates that don't have much else. Also glad that even with these featureless security updates, they still treat us to awesome feature packed updates like the upcoming Metro UI update.
My favourite update so far has to be the update that brought us full disc installs.

gamingdroid2522d ago

The beacon feature is awesome! The only problem is that I'm in the beta and vast majority of my friends isn't on the beta yet, so almost nobody sees my call (beacon) for some [email protected] in Gears 3!

ZippyZapper2522d ago

YOU BEEN BANNED :D LOL right before the holidays. Will pirates and modders ever learn? Now they have to spend another $200 for a modded console only to be banned again in 6 months.

hiredhelp2522d ago

Now they have to spend another $200 for a modded console


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The story is too old to be commented.