Namco Bandai Dissolving Namco Tales Studio

Namco Bandai has announced on their official corporate website that they will be dissolving its Namco Tales Studio subsidiary in the upcoming months following a transaction which will take effect on January 1 following a board approval on November 29.

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Ulf2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

Um. Wow. That sucks. I own every Tales game that every made it to North America or Europe.

I hope Graces F and Xillia still make it?

Lovable2585d ago ShowReplies(2)
NewMonday2585d ago

"this move is likely aimed at bringing the subsidiary under the full wing of Namco Bandai and the company will still develop Tales games"

knifefight2585d ago

Since this article isn't about the American branch of the company I can't see how Graces F would be affected.

This is about the Japanese developer ABSORBING the Tales devs into the main branch of Bamco. Nothing is really changing as far as gamers are concerned.

Reibooi2585d ago

Not really all that big a deal. They will still be making tales games it's not like this means they are ditching the series. It's kinda like how ATLUS was absorbed by their parent company it just makes the behind the scenes business stuff more efficient but the games won't be effected at all.

ShawnCollier2585d ago

Pretty much was my thoughts. I was thinking that first thing when I saw the press release.

radphil2585d ago


Thank you for explaining that. Was going to do it in a different post, but you basically used the same example I was going to.

Though I dunno if it's going to stop people questioning if they're going to continue making Tales games.

jc485732585d ago

eewwww...don't dissolve with Namco lol.

KidMakeshift2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

Tales games have always been successful in Japan so I'm surprised this wasn't done sooner.

I'm hoping Tales Of The Heroes makes its way here

GillHarrison2585d ago

This is like when Visceral Australia was closed down, people thought they closed the Redwood Visceral because they didn't even bother to actually read the article.