Battlefield Could Have Been Exclusive to GameCube

Apparently, despite Nintendo's love for the initial pitch, it never got past the gatekeepers because Nintendo had no online strategy in place.

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Hufandpuf2578d ago

glad it didn't happen. What a horrible move it would've been.

gypsygib2578d ago

(After watching MW3 Wii version)

Well, then it wouldn't be the massive success it is today.

sonicsidewinder2578d ago

lol. Imagine that.

Love my Cube.

ssb31732577d ago

Same, it was a great console but having battlefield as an exclusive would have been a wrong move

FlareDReborn2578d ago

Wow lmao i loved my game cube back in the day XD.

TheColbertinator2578d ago

I would have loved battlefield in 4 player splitscreen.Oh well :P

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