NBA 2K7 Demo On Xbox LIve Marketplace

NBA 2K7 Demo is now available to download on the Xbox LIve Marketplace.

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NextGen24Gamer5390d ago

Good news. I'm a fanatic sports gamer. And I can't wait to download it. I will be buying both Nba 2k7 and Nba live 07 at the end of the month. Its such a beautiful time to be a next gen gamer. Thank you Microsoft. Just the download I needed.

jiggajayp5390d ago

It`s GREAT! Another Reason NOT To Buy A ps3!

bambam19015390d ago

Yeah, especially since this game is also coming to PS3.

Phenom195390d ago

i want a live 07 demo, i cant wait for that game

m235390d ago

is the demo any good?

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The story is too old to be commented.