First Lost Odyessy ingame images

In this week's Famitsu magazine the first ingame images of Mistwalker's Lost Odyssey was published, which is scheduled for release sometime in 2007.

I have attached the images below. (Thanks Cyclonus)

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kewlkat0075858d ago

something you don't see everyday..Instead of rendered Clips we actually see an Xbox360 and a HDTV with the actual game being played or what-not.

I really do not know much about this game but if there are more rpg's like this in-store for the 360 I'm sure that will help MS. I love rpg's and cannot wait for this title and blue dragon.

Any translators?

willud4skins5858d ago

i was excited about this game a year ago when i first heard about it. then i thought i got canceled. now im excited again. those shots looks pretty cool.

beans5858d ago

I wonder if XNA is being used in the making of this game with it's beautiful art style! And is it possible that this game walks away as being one of the best games if not the best at TGS? This show should be interesting for all gamers but even more so for 360 owners that get to sit at home and actually play games from the show thanks to Live! Now all I need are some pictures from Cry On and im a happy man!

UrbanJabroni5858d ago

The XNA framework really isn't available to developers yet. The framework, while based around MDX (Managed DirectX) may be present, but the development environment (and thus many of the advantages) will not be made available to devs until next year...I'm thinking this is good-old Direct.

Aquanox5858d ago

If you guys think these look impressive, then the Direct Feed media will blow everything away.

In Japan, TGS '06, Microsoft is David and Sony is Goliath. Everyone expects Sony to crash the heck outta Microsoft in terms of Japanese content but I believe that Microsoft has more potential power to spoil Sony's party with Blue Dragon and Lost Oddysey given that there aren't that much expectations about MS's show, at least, not as high as what Sony raises.

If Blue-Dragon and L.O. Manage to impress with GAMEPLAY (Instead of fancy CGI) then they will have the job done, considering that Square is only showing CGI for FFXIII.

beans5858d ago (Edited 5858d ago )

Kind of like the movie Glory Road where the under dogs came in and changed the entire perception of them! Not saying they will but these scans are changing my very own perception of JRPG's by a long shot! Now I just need to see them in motion and wish MS some luck because they are the minority and they need it over there! Maybe Glory road 2 will be about MS and how they changed the game!

DJ5857d ago

But it was confirmed that the majority of the FFXIII trailer was actual realtime cinemas and gameplay. It was said in a special article in the PSM October 06 issue, and the screens they show trump the Lost Odyssey scans here (which is saying a lot considering Lost Odyssey already looks really good).

mt36915858d ago

- 30 fps
- In the opening movie for Lost Odyssey you can seamlessly input commands for the battle scene.
- Combat is not action driven but command menu driven.
- The playable demo lasts for 40-60 minutes.
- The final game will have even higher quality than the demo.
- The modeling for the movies are almost identical to the realtime models.
- Inoue (the character designer) is personally checking all the models.
- The demo's battles will just the most basic part of the system. The more indepth systems will be excluded.
- The character growth systems and so on will be in the final game only.
- Surviving enemies inherit the powers of those who are killed.
- Since the main character cannot die either there will not be a possibility of game over.
- The final game will use a physics engine.
- The final text message on the playable demo was written by Shigematsu (scenario writer for the various short stories that make up the game).
- Lost Odyssey will be playable at TGS, with the demo disc being released with Famitsu in early November.
- Lost Odyssey will be out in 2007.

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