Cars Video Game Races Into Stores

Leading independent publisher THQ Inc. today announced the release of the "Cars" video game, based upon the highly anticipated Disney/Pixar film, for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, Xbox video and game entertainment system from Microsoft, Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PSP (PlayStation Portable) system, Windows PC and Mac, at retail outlets nationwide. The game will also be available worldwide in 18 languages, and in more than 40 countries including China, Thailand, Japan, Russia and Poland.

Also this fall, the "Cars" video game is expected to release for Xbox 360 next generation video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Nintendo Wii.

"As a leading publisher of video games for all ages, THQ is excited to bring 'Cars' to every major gaming platform, including the next generation game systems," said Kelly Flock, executive vice president, worldwide publishing, THQ. "Disney and Pixar have a legacy of creating blockbuster animated motion pictures with classics such as 'The Incredibles', 'Finding Nemo' and 'Monsters Inc.' THQ's video game adaptations of each of these properties have been top-performers at retail, including games based on 'The Incredibles' film, which shipped more than 7-million units worldwide, and 'Finding Nemo', which shipped more than 8-million units worldwide."

"Combining the creative minds at Pixar Animation Studios and the game development talents at THQ helped to translate 'Cars' into one of this year's most exciting video games for fans of all ages," said "Cars" story artist, Dan Scanlon. "Fans of both the movie and the video games will interact and explore the world of Radiator Springs and the Piston Cup races as we envisioned."

"Disney/Pixar video game properties have experienced tremendous success on a variety of game platforms over the years, and we will continue the brand's tradition of offering high-quality family entertainment to game players worldwide," said Graham Hopper, SVP and General Manager of Disney's Buena Vista Games. "We're proud of our ongoing relationship with the team at THQ to bring these exciting games to life."

The "Cars" video game is a high performance interactive experience in the open world created in the film, challenging players to relive the excitement created by Lightning McQueen and his friends. Fans will discover unique characters and environments inspired by the film with more than 10 playable characters and 30 races and minigames to choose from. The game features a fully immersive re-creation of all major environments introduced in the movie, including Radiator Springs and Ornament Valley, which will offer distinctive racing experiences to players while maintaining the artistic style of the film.

The "Cars" video game was developed within THQ's Studio System, which includes 14 owned studios and more than 25 of the best independent development teams. THQ's critically-acclaimed video game developer, Rainbow Studios developed the PlayStation(R)2, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube versions. THQ's Locomotive Games, Inc. developed the PSP version, while THQ's Helixe studio developed the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance versions.

Marriot VP6383d ago

ehhh, one for the kiddies and xbugTerminator


Playstation Network Wrap-Up for February 4th, 2010

Diehard GameFAN writes: "The past few weeks have been weak for the Playstation Store. For two straight weeks, we had weak updates with little content. Then last week, we had an update with a lot of content, most of which sucked. This week brings us a bunch of demos, including a couple of high-profile ones, some interesting sales, a new Qore episode, and a new game."

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'Classic' PSP games coming to PlayStation Store

"While it doesn't quite fulfill our wish list of PSP games we'd most want to purchase by download and run from a single Memory Stick, D3 Publisher's "classic" catalog is coming to PlayStation Store (the PC one) this September. Props for being ahead of the curve. Up for digital delivery will be:"

thereapersson5558d ago

And they are already thinking of rolling out downloadable PSP titles? The only way I can see this being effective is for those who like to "pirate" their games, or create backups on memory sticks.

Get your PSone classics up to par first, and then we can talk about downloading PSP games...

Homicide5558d ago

I agree. They have Syphon Filter 1 & 3, but not 2. Come on, where is it? Anyways, I don't mind PSP games going to the PStore, as long as they're cheaper than retail.

Ro11z5558d ago

sure they NEED to get the Psone games up to par but im thinking this move it more aimed at the PsP2 so it can get Rid of the awfull UMD and will get over the backwards compatibility issues then

Good idea but needed ages ago

gersh5557d ago

You're completely right.
Their selection of PSone games is $hit.

DarkBlood5557d ago

would be kool if you could play it on the ps3 as well for big screen and comfy controller

John-Paul-Jones5557d ago (Edited 5557d ago )

Man, I want Metal Gear Solid on the Canadian (hopefully!) and Amerian PSN Store more than anything.


ELSPA says 2006 was record year for UK games industry

ELSPA has declared that the British videogames industry hit an "all time high" in 2006 with a 7 per cent increase in the number of games sold - bringing the total figure to 65.1 million units.

All-formats sales totalled GBP 1.36 billion - a new record, according to ELSPA, and an increase of 1 per cent over the figure for 2005.

The majority of console games purchased were for PlayStation 2, followed by Xbox 360, Xbox, Wii and GameCube. PC titles did well, with software sales up 7 per cent - making 2006 the platform's "best year ever".

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Mr Pumblechook6165d ago (Edited 6165d ago )

PS2 sells prove that it isnt just about specification.

Microsoft thought the xbox1 would outsell the ps2 because it had better graphics, but the ps2 did better because it had a better range of software.

Microsoft thought the xbox360 would outsell the ps2 because it had better graphics, but the ps2 is still doing better because it has a better range of software, that appeals to mainstream and not just the homo fanboys like John Carmack kissing the bum of Bill Gates.

Harry6163d ago

homo fanboys?

personally i didnt like the xbox much either, same as the PS2 in my opinion. But the only reason why the PS2 outsold is the casual gamer market. Those people that think a 'new game' is a re-hash of an old EA sports game with a new title, or those people that buy a game just becasue it has blood in it as blood in a game obviously makes it an adult game.