Wii Price and Launch Date Revealed

In a move that may allow Nintendo of Japan to take advantage of stumbles by its main rival, the company plans to announce today that it will release its new Wii video-game console in North and South America on Nov. 19, just as the holiday shopping season begins, and that the machine will cost $250 in the United States.

Nintendo will start selling its new console on Dec. 2 in Japan, President Satoru Iwata announced today at a news conference in Chiba prefecture, next to Tokyo.

Nintendo executives said this week that the company also would announce today that more than 25 new games would be available for its video-game machine this year, a substantial portfolio from several genres that is intended to help the company broaden the appeal of its console. The company plans to ship 4 million of the Wii consoles worldwide this year. Nintendo intends to charge $50 for its Wii games, $10 less than the standard price for Xbox 360 titles and the same price generally charged for GameCube games.

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dfb19775863d ago

$250 comes out at around £145. realistic retail will probably be £199. I think Nintendo have got a hit on their hands.

Seafort5863d ago

The wii has been officially announced in japan. Price for wii in japan is 25000 yen (£113, $212 straight conversion)
no official word from US conference as it hasnt happpened yet.

xrobbanx5863d ago

The GUI seems very Kiddish and in my taste a little to simple

LegendaryMark5863d ago

With the Xbox 360, you saw $400 being converted to £279. Since actualy exchange rates put $400 at about £215, this is a markup of slightly more than 30% for the UK market.

Assume the same markup for the Wii (current exchange rates put $250 at about £135, we're nearing $2 to the £1 these days) and apply the same markup gives you a rough retail price of something like £179.

When you consider that the Wii will probably only be available in bundle form, you're probably looking at around £209 or £249 depending on extra games/controllers etc.

BlackCountryBob5863d ago

I know this might seem a bit outthere but as the release date in US and Japan are later than most expected I am willing to make a prediction that Wii could launch in Europe first! I know it sounds strange but who would believe that a Nintendo console would launch in US before Japan! it a long sot but Nintendo could be making the biggest PR coup ever by howing Europe some love after Sony screwed it over and it will also show the hardcore Nintendo faithful that they will no-longer treat Europe as the ugly cousin who no-one likes as it has done in the past by delaying games and sometime not releasing games at all!

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The story is too old to be commented.