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Practical application of management skills and common sense in gaming for digital prosperity and well-being of our kind.

In almost every single game you play there is the “money” factor. There are some hard decisions to be made. It doesn’t matter, if you play Skyrim, Crime Craft, X3, Counter Strike, Need for Speed, WoW, or even Zelda - there’s always money to be earned and spent.

Have you ever thought of your character (or yourself) “I am the wealthiest of all!”? Have you ever taken pride of the economic prosperity of your nation/race/whatever? This might mean you like games, where economy is one of the factors. That means, this series is just for you.

Have you ever thought “should I buy this new sword/gun, or should I save money for something cool”? Have you ever had the dilemma “to keep or to sell that unique item”? Yep, this series is also for you.

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