Killzone 2 beta to surface in '08 contacted SCEA's Alex Armour to get an update on the multiplayer beta for Killzone 2.

"We are hoping to do a beta but I don't think we'll have anything ready before this year is over... it is something we are working on for next year," he wrote.

One already known fact is that gamers will get their paws on an online beta before Killzone 2's official release. Guerilla Games' lead tester, Seb Downie, confirmed that fact earlier this year on Killzone 2's official forums:

"Of course there is going to be a public beta. I have always said that any game that has an online mode needs to go through a public beta to ensure it works as intended," asserted Downie.

His statement spawned news articles across the internet that the Killzone 2 Public Beta might be available in 2007. However, that turns out not to be the case.

This quashes earlier rumors which suggested that it would indeed be available in time for the holidays.

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Real gamer 4 life4953d ago

I hope this game delivers very well. The first one had potention to be a very awesome game but they messed it up. I hope this one is crazy man.

PS3PCFTW4953d ago (Edited 4952d ago )

fps' as we know them are gonna get KILLZOWNED.

JUST LOOK WHAT RnC DID for platformers, drake did for adventurers, warhawk did for mp.... the list goes on hs, lair(controller patch pleez!!!)

We have no idea what were in store for. I CANT FREAKING WAIT.

edit: hehe astro gave me a disagree. NO SWEAT!! his little troll campaign cant stop sony. I love how these guys state "I DONT CARE ABOUT SONY"...yet theyre in every goddamn ps3 thread. THATS STRAIGHT FRONTIN RIGHT THERE.

xionpunk4952d ago (Edited 4952d ago )

I'm actually re-playing through the original right now, and I remember why I loved it. The atmosphere is insanely awesome. I don't think GG totally screwed it up. I agree, the AI was not the greatest, though I still haven't notice framerate issues people seem to think break the game. The beta should be a great way for G.G. to test the AI and tweak it. The mood and gritty realism can't be beat though, and I'm hoping this doesn't disappoint.

Edit:eh, now that I'm on the beach level, I can see a bit of a frame rate drop, still fun though lol.

IamTheStorm814953d ago

Great news!

I can't wait to try it out.

Sevir044953d ago

since the game has been rumored to be delayed till march.... so it would give PS3 owners a month to 2 months for this game to be tested online to see how it stacks up... eiether way i dont care. i just want this game to be good. they have completely surpassed everyones expectations with showing the game in it's current alpha form, when it hit's beta it'll be like armageddon on the PSN it's lag free online will be lagged because of how much traffic people are gonna be doing all day. but it wont matter. delay the ganme to ensure perfection or near perfect. this game needs to score above a 9 and above. no eights what so ever because the first one got 8s all the way down to 6s... w cant have that at all.

just bring us a game that stands head and shoulders above the first and above the rest. which will be hard but it's doable. if infinity ward and irrational games(2k boston) can do it with with COD4 and biochock then they can deliver as well. let go GG, consult the masters of PS3 FPS, insomniac and infintyward for help, i'm sure they can help you.

Dante82054953d ago

i asked surfer girl and she told me the beta is taking place is winter/spring...the game will be release in winter of 08

Kleptic4953d ago

what do you mean "delayed" until March...I will be very suprised if we see even the beta for this game by March...

a month ago I probably would have put money on this game shipping in fall 08...but now with Resistance 2 rumored to ship in late 08 also, an earlier release of kz2 seems more likely...I would flip out if it turns out to be March, but I would bet that the earliest we will see it would probably be around June/July 08...

and imo that is perfectly fine...fps wise the PS3 is in great shape...and CoD 4 and UT3 will hold most of us over (and potentially haze) perfectly fine until then...and if Guerilla is given the correct amount of time to put into this one (unlike the original), there is no doubt that this game could be one of the most impressive games of this generation...

jwatt4952d ago

Although I would love to see killzone in march I don't think that's going to happen. I rather them ship it when it's ready, maybe a beta in late spring or summer.

Doppy4952d ago

Killzone 2 was suppose to ship this February, but I think Sony is pushing back all it's new releases until March (the start of their financial period). So we might not see Killzone 2 until April based off my calculations.

March Infamous, Home
April Killzone 2, Little Big Planet
May MGS4
June ?
July GTA4
Sept. ?
Oct. ?
Nov. Resistance: 2,
Dec. FF 13

xionpunk4952d ago

I'm willing to wait so this franchise can prove people wrong.

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TheHater4953d ago

all i know is that i want in.

HarryEtTubMan4953d ago

This game has sooo much potential and even more hype... I feel this game dserves the hype... it looks phenomenal.... I really think they are going to deliver in 2008.. Killzone 2 is gonna be a great game with an AWESOME multiplayer that works through HOME. PS3 is looking very good

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