U.S. PlayStation Store Update - 11/15/2011

US PS BLOG: "Hi Everyone -
Coming to the PlayStation Store this week is a new category called PS3 Full Games for games that were previously disc only but are now available to download on PSN. Not only will this make it easier for you to find those larger previously disc-only experiences, but you’ll also find DLC, add-ons, demos, and any other content associated with games in this category all housed in the same area once you click on the respective game. Games that are developed and exclusively available via download are now in the newly created PSN Games category."

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GraveLord3500d ago

Glad Sony is releasing full games on PSN. Hopefully one day they'll release them at the same time as retail and at a lower price.

LOGICWINS3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I don't see what powerful incentive there is to buy full games digitally from PSN instead of from an online retailer.

You can go to Amazon right now and get the RDR GOTY edition which includes:

"the full Red Dead Redemption game and all current free and paid DLC such as 'Undead Nightmare', 'Legends and Killers Pack', 'Liars and Cheats Pack', 'Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack', 'Outlaws To The End Co-Op Mission Pack' and the recently released 'Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack'.It will also feature the Deadly Assassin Outfit, War Horse and Golden Guns Weapon Pack pre-order DLC and the 'Solomon's Folly' single-player gang hangout and challenges."

....for $45

Yet on PSN, RDR ALONE is $40 and Undead Nightmare ALONE is $20. Which option do you think the prudent gamer will choose in this situation?

Yes..its optional to buy from PSN, but its a retarded option.

Dante1123500d ago

"I don't see what powerful incentive there is to buy full games digitally from PSN instead of from an online retailer."


LOGICWINS3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Yes Dante, convenience as a good incentive...but not a "powerful" one in this scenario.

Yes, with digital downloads, you can have your game mere hours on your PS3 without ever leaving your home..pretty cool if you ask me.

HOWEVER, this incentive is outweighed in this scenario by the fact that:

-You forfeit the opportunity to get ALL the RDR DLC for just FIVE dollars more(Ud end up paying over $40 on PSN for all the RDR DLC).

-You can't simply take your game to play at a friends house unless you bring your PS3 over.

-You can't trade in the game when you get bored of it.

-You eat up 8.2 GB of hardrive space on ONE game.

Now tell me the pros outweigh the cons in this scenario? Does it make sense for a person who is interested in buying RDR plus all the DLC to spend potentially DOUBLE the price on PSN for all the items when they can spend HALF the price buying from Amazon?

CZUM3500d ago

But on PSN you can buy RDR+RDR UNP for 1/5 regular prize. It's last store update before decrease activation systems.

LOGICWINS3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

"But on PSN you can buy RDR+RDR UNP for 1/5 regular prize. It's last store update before decrease activation systems."

That discount is limited time only. Thats not the regular price.

"ps plus has red dead and undead nightmare pack for 25 dollers"

So I need to buy PS Plus in order to get the 50 % in, PAY for a discount. Ummm yeah, no thanks. How do I save money if I have to pay money in order to save money later?

lashes2ashes3500d ago

ps plus has red dead and undead nightmare pack for 25 dollers

GarandShooter3500d ago

'How do I save money if I have to pay money in order to save money later?'

Really? Ask the members of BJ's, Costco, etc. how it works. Are you that tied to your original post that you're unable to see the merit of an opposing view?

It would seem logic and intellect aren't inextricably bound after all.

@ GraveLord

No way that will happen while the industry still relies on brick and mortar stores for software sales.

Raoh3500d ago

"do the pros outweigh the cons in this scenario"

They sort of do. I stopped buying retail pc games and just buy from steam. Granted the pc/steam games are cheaper but as long as its fairly priced I'm cool with my digital purchases.

BLAKHOODe3500d ago

I can't keep enough HDD space to have a lot of digital downloads. Mandatory installs are the devil!

L6RD7BLU33500d ago

RDR bundle $24.99 for ps plus members, way better deal.

nycredude3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )


Tell that to the freaking millions of people who use Steam. Fact is there are plenty of people who loves digital downloads. You aren't the only person in the world and just because you don't like something doesn't mean everyone falls in line with you. Sorry to break it to you bro but your opinion really isn't that important in the big picture here.

I own about 32 downloaded games from psn and 35 games on Steam. Guess how many pc retail disc games I have? NONE!

Old McGroin3500d ago


Have to agree with ya man, don't see how people can disagree with the Red Dead Redemption example you gave! You get a hell of a lot more from Amazon for 15 quid less than the PS Store, the only downside being you have to wait a couple of days to have it delivered to your door.

And I also see what you mean about the PS Plus discount not actually being a discount for that particular deal (the RDR one) if you're not a PS Plus subscriber to begin with, i.e. paying for a PS Plus sub just to avail of that particular deal makes no sense financially. Availing of all the deals available over the course of a year does make financial sense but not signing up for one deal (I think that's what you meant anyway!).

No, definitely don't see how anyone can disagree with you in this particular instance.

Amazon Deal - PRO: Way more content than the PS Store offering for 15 quid less. CON: Waiting a couple of days for delivery to your door.

PSN Store - PRO: Have game same day. CON: Less content for 15 quid more, eats hd space.

There's my two cents!

KratosWitAGun3500d ago

But you can get RDR and Undead bundle for 30$ IF YOU HAVE PS PLUS

MaxXAttaxX3500d ago

What's your point? People will continue to buy their game the way they want.

You're not convincing anyone.

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Soldierone3500d ago

Key point here, lower prices. If they want me to jump on this digital bandwagon, then the prices need MAJOR changes.

Why is it games going for maybe 10 bucks at retail are still listed for 30 to 60 dollars digital? Makes no sense. Its cheaper for publishers, why isn't it cheaper for us?

I don't blame sony I blame the greedy publishers.

-Mezzo-3500d ago

Damn, i want to get "Undead Nightmare" and i am $3 short.

Damn you Amazon for removing the PSN Credit Codes.

Hatmantc3500d ago

think Gamestop sends PSN codes over email as well.. pretty sure anyways

falcon2623500d ago

yeah they do but from what I remember you have to have one of their power up reward cards and then u can redeem the points for the $3 code.

Drithe3500d ago

Vanguard Bandits, baby!!!!

End of Line.

nevin13500d ago

The price of RDR is a ripped off if you asked me.

Kappa Mikey3500d ago

Anyone else got excited when they saw those MGS Avatars? :DD

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